Our Philosophy

The philosophy that drives our company and services is simple:

The Internet – and consequently, digital marketing — is undergoing a sea change. Millions of consumers are migrating away from the intrusive, impersonal one-to-many marketing practices of old and instead demanding a deeper and more meaningful engagement with the organizations and brands that court them. Organizations that fail to adapt, that stubbornly cling to outdated practices, don’t survive.

Marketing performance is at an all time low for many companies and it doesn’t have to be. Organizations often deal with this reality by blaming the agency and creating a revolving door of outsourced vendors (which can create more problems than it solves). Fixing the marketing machine requires new strategies to engage with potential customers, a skilled staff, structured and consistent measurement practices, and the right tools and infrastructure.

The fox shouldn’t guard the hen house. Let’s face it: Agencies, media, and other vendors have a vested interest in masking poor results. Senior marketing leaders need hard data, analysis and insight from an objective, third party.

This is why we do what we do. If you’re a senior marketing professional, we’re your secret weapon.