What we do

Serengeti Communications is a digital marketing consultancy. We equip our clients with the data, insights, tools, skills and support to create and sustain fully integrated, high-ROI digital marketing programs.

We offer a unique combination of turnkey services, project-based consulting, tools, and knowledge/skills transfer (yes, we’ll teach you what we know). So whether you need a trusted partner to manage your marketing from soup to nuts, or just a little help once in awhile, we’re here for you.

If you are asking yourself the following questions – and want to do something about getting the answers – we can help:

  • What is the true ROI of my marketing program?
  • How can we engage our customers and prospective customers online?
  • What do customers, and potential customers really think – and say – about our brand?
  • How can we use the Internet effectively to build brand and drive new leads and sales?
  • How can we cut costs and improve the efficiency of our marketing dollars?
  • How can we integrate offline and online marketing programs?
  • How do we measure Social Media – and everything we do — better?
  • How do we improve the skills of our staff to keep pace with rapid change in digital marketing?

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